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LMI ABA Solutions is led by a caring and experienced team of BCBAs and professional providers who truly care about the health and happiness of each child. Our evidence-based research, experience, and expertise with individualized ABA therapy programs allow us to establish and produce significant social behavioral changes, while also setting behavioral precedents for the long-term success of children with various disabilities and/or developmental delays. Our ultimate goal is to give our parents and families a reason to be hopeful, optimistic, and excited about their child’s future, as they witness improvements that are better than they ever imagined.

Green Watercolor Leaf on Light Yellow Ba
Green Watercolor Leaf on Light Yellow Ba
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Assessment service will include Assessment of Basic Language and Learning Skills, Behavioral Intervention Plan, ABA Functional Behavioral Assessments

Together with you, from the day we meet until you reach the goals. In all the aspects our team stand with the family and the students throughout the entire process.

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SETTS Services instructions and support students to achieve academic success in

accordance with NYS Core Standards.

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Our highly-trained team of professionals implements core principles of ABA and the latest research for effective teaching methods to meet each child’s individual needs and goals.

We collaborate with students’ school, teachers and related providers to share best practices to achieve progress and maintain it.

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